Orchid Greenhouses

A greenhouse

Orchid greenhouses can be situated just about anywhere in the front or backyard, even on the rooftop, if it takes your fancy. These structures of glass or plastic or shade-cloth add aesthetic beauty and practical value to even the most modest of houses.This can be accomplished with a minimum of time, effort and money.

You should find the best location for orchid greenhouses in the first place. As you scout around your yard, keep in mind that the main consideration is maximum amount of sunlight with minimum amount of traffic. Other factors like proximity to sources of water and electricity are often secondary in nature although very close seconds.

small greenhouse
It can be as big or as small as you wish!

Catch the Sun

For either a solar-heated or an electricity-heated orchid greenhouses, it is important to find the most southerly location in the yard. In this way, the greenhouse can receive maximum amount of sunlight even during the winter seasons. This will also mean that you can save plenty of money on the costs of heating the greenhouse. We recommend that the length be from the east to west direction to achieve said purpose.

But unless you intend to grow specialized orchids that grow in a warm to hot and humid environments, there is not really a need for heating. Most orchids today are available as cold growing, and can be grown in a normal greenhouse made up of 70% shade-cloth,  quite successfully.

If you wish to cover your orchid greenhouses in plastic, it’s not a problem. You will then already have a covered area for when your plants are in bloom, but you will ideally need vent windows, to let in fresh air/wind through you orchid greenhouse. Otherwise a fan can be installed to supply air movement, but this will create more electricity being used.

Keep on Level Ground

After identifying the most southerly location with maximum amount of sunlight, you should then determine if it is on flat, level and clear ground. You will be accomplishing three things – good working area, good drainage and good aesthetics.

Orchids can be stood on a wooden bench, a steel wired frame or hung from hooks, so the amount of space within is more important than how absolutely flat the floor is, and depends on the amount of orchids you wish to have.


The Utility Connections

And then there is the matter of keeping the orchid greenhouses near existing water and electricity connections. Keep in mind that your plants will need regular watering and adequate heat (if installed) and fertilizing at all times of the growing season.

You want to avoid the inconvenience of hauling buckets of water up and down the garden to the greenhouse as well as the unsafe stringing of extension wires for the grow lights and heater from the main house to the greenhouse. If possible, the utility connections to the greenhouse must be different from the main house especially if the greenhouse is relatively large. For lean-to’s and cold frames, this matter should not be a big issue.

As you look around the garden, keep all these basic guidelines about the best location for the greenhouse. You may have to consider many locations but your efforts will be well-rewarded with beauty and value.